Are you anywhere near Detroit? Go to Renee’s Gourmet Pizzeria. Seriously, I cannot express my thankfulness that this place exists. I want it to exist forever.

This was my first time visiting the Detroit area (where I grew up) since my diagnosis. Honestly, there were many insecurities and moments of sadness wrapped up in that visit.

But I won’t focus on those, because the joy far, FAR outweighed the sad.

Starting with this place. Renee’s! So. Freaking. Good.

A little backstory–I am celiac (obviously), and my toddler has a peanut allergy. We can never eat out “normally”–although we still have plenty of fun. I’m trying really, REALLY hard right now to heal and avoid accidental glutening. Which means extra caution. Which means most restaurants are off limits for now.

Then we found this place. You guys. Renee’s is 100% gluten free. 100% nut free. Kid-friendly, casual, and DELICIOUS. The dictionary definition of bliss!


This place did a phenomenal job with celiac and food allergy safety. Let me give just one example. As soon as I walked in, the owner walked over and greeted us with a smile. Then she said (kindly) that my toddler’s sippy cup was fine, but we weren’t allowed to give him any outside food that we may have brought with us.

It was so thoughtful and brilliant. I had brought him Sunmaid raisins and a fresh sliced-up pear, in case he didn’t like the pizza. I knew both snacks were 100% gluten and peanut free. But I felt SO happy about her request, and gladly kept the snacks stowed away. That is true commitment. Cross-contamination could easily happen through outside food–what if someone brought their kid some Honey Nut cheerios, or Teddy grahams?

Renee’s protects their safe space.

We ordered a thin crust and a deep dish, both amazing. Plus the cheesy flatbread, which I could probably eat forever. And there were desserts! An amazing pumpkin roll and a few different kinds of cookie. There are also dairy-free options, including vegan cheese!

Renee’s came into existence when the owner’s daughter was diagnosed with celiac disease and various food allergies. I found their response inspiring–to take a difficult situation and turn it into a way to serve others so beautifully.

Thank you, Renee’s!

I’m plaid girl. And this is some of my family, and we are eating out, fearlessly! Yes!!!